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The journey of Verbaan Construction is one of excellence and quality, that started back in 1966, with a construction company called Hulsen Morgan & Verbaan. A founder, Dan Verbaan, went on to form Verbaan Builders, after the sale of Hulsen Morgan & Verbaan, in 1975.

In 1981, the family business, known as Verbaan Builders, officially became Verbaan Construction (Pty) Ltd. 

Since its inception, the company has completed a number of high-profile builds, from hospitals and residential buildings to industrial properties.

Many of the company’s earliest projects constituted work for the KwaZulu-Natal Finance Corporation, mainly factories and industrial buildings.

47 Kings Road Pinetown is home to Media House (R950 000.00), a double storey building completed by Verbaan Construction in 1984. Although Verbaan Construction is now based out of Waterfall, the Media House property, once completed, became head office for Verbaan Construction’s administrative operations for many years, with branches in Ulundi, Richards Bay, Natal North Coast and Maxmead in Pinetown.

Arguably the most significant build in Verbaan history was the completion of King Goodwill Zwelintini’s R2 million home in Ulundi, back in 1993.

This residence was built in close proximity to the home of the King’s great-great grandfather, King Cetshwayo, whose home was burnt to the ground by the British. This new site has great significance for the Zulu people.

“In the building of this palace here, we have proved that while we might have lost the battle (Anglo-Zulu war) we have won the war…”, said Mangosuthu Buthelezi, former Chief Minister of KZN and President of Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), at the roof wetting of The King’s new home.

The company was established many years ago with a father, his sons and R1 million turnover in its first year. In 2020, it has grown into a third-generation family business that continues to show improvements year on year.

Over the years, Verbaan Construction has earned a reputation for being one of the leading construction companies in Southern Africa, specialising in all types of construction projects. The business has an extensive portfolio of commercial, residential, educational and healthcare projects.

With an emphasis on successful and efficient project management, we work to deliver high-end, quality products to meet deadlines.

Throughout construction, we maintain professional relationships with our clients, rooted in honesty, integrity and communication. Our relationships with our clients span across many projects and collaborations for a mutually beneficial future in business.

Entrepreneurship, dedication and professionalism have been passed down throughout the generations. It is and always will be evident in the company’s culture and the way that we conduct business.

Our Project History

To date, after almost 40 years, Verbaan Construction has a project portfolio of more than 185 completed projects. All projects that come through Verbaan’s doors are undertaken with unfailing determination and outstanding service.


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