We aim at delivering our end product on time, to the best quality that can be achieved through successful management, both on and off site.

We aim to maintain a honest and professional relationship with our clients throughout the construction process, and beyond.


  • To be the preferred contractor in South Africa
  • Be highly efficient, reliable and most known for our Quality & Professionalism
  • Continue to emphasise our core values
  • Developing and uplifting communities surrounding our operations
  • Improving on being a socially responsible organisation
  • Investing in development and empowerment projects


7 Reasons

7 Reasons why Verbaan Construction should handle your next project:
  • 1. Passion

    Our Passion for Building will result in a finished product both we and you will be proud of

  • 2. Experience

    Being a 3rdGeneration family business, building is in our blood – We are good at it because it’s all we have ever done

  • 3. Knowledge & Expertise

    Our current staff have a combined 266 years of experience in the industry which means you will get the best advise every step of the way

  • 4. Leading construction software

    This ensures your project costs are carefully tracked and managed

  • 5. Versatility

    We are equally well resourced and skilled to handle Commercial, Industrial, Residential & Small Civils Projects

  • 6. Cost conscious

    Our long standing relationships with suppliers and our buying power ensures you get the benefit of an affordable and cost effective project

  • 7. Reputation

    This is most important to us and we will never let you down


The entrepreneurial spirit of the Verbaan’s within the construction industry is a family legacy that has been handed down from one generation to the next.

The Verbaan Construction brand has been synonymous with excellence in the building industry. This is because we take pride in the professional quality of the work we do.

We have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we undertake.

Warren has an IMM Diploma in Marketing Management. He gained UK experience serving as a marketing manager of an events company. He then joined Verbaan Construction as a purchasing/procurement manager.

Warren oversees all aspects of the procurement in terms of obtaining the services, materials and supplies that Verbaan Construction needs to operate. This involves building solid relationships with suppliers. His procurement operation provides a sleek supply chain network that allows Verbaan Construction to run efficiently.

Grant graduated from The University of Natal PMB with B.SC in Agriculture. He later completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management at Wits Business School with specific interest in finance and management.

Grant has worked in Johannesburg as a procurement manager in an export company. Upon joining Verbaan Construction, he set about fine tuning the company’s infrastructure, driving the company’s processes and procedures to become more streamlined and efficient. With his solid business background, he has a flair for the financial side of the business ensuring that the firm is profitable and remains on a steady growth path.

Years of Collective Knowledge

Successful Projects


Verbaan Construction has a solid stable personnel infrastructure that strikes the fine balance between youth and experience. As a family run business, there is a natural approach to team work.

We believe that the difference between success and failure in the construction world lies with your people on the ground. From our project managers, to our foremen, to our bricklayers and painters, our assets are our people and our reputation. If any of these are diminished, the last is the most difficult to restore.

Verbaan Construction maintains a core workforce of labourers who are rotated from site to site. When we see talent and potential we like to retain, nurture and develop those people allowing them to learn a multitude of skills within the construction industry. To this end we provide learnerships that are SETA accredited in order to develop our labour force.

When working on projects we hire local labour to compliment our existing skilled labour force. The labour we hire are from local communities and are taught skills unique to a construction site. In many cases, they may start out learning one skill, and as the project progresses, they are taught other skills thus developing a multitude of talents. in addition to onsite training, Verbaan Construction also provides workshops covering Life Skills as as HIV Aids awareness. These are CESA accredited courses aimed at uplifting communities in which we work.


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