The entrepreneurial spirit of the Verbaan’s wuithin the construction industry is a family legacy that has been handed down from one generation to the next.

The Verbaan Construction brand has been synonymous with excellence in the buuilding industry. This is because we take pride in the professional quality of the work we do.

We have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we undertake.

Grant Verbaan



Grant graduated from The University of Natal PMB with B.SC in Agriculture. He later completed a Post

Graduate Diploma in Business Management at Wits Business School with specific interest in finance and management.

Grant has worked in Johannesburg as a procurement manager in an export company. Upon joining Verbaan Construction, he set about fine tuning the company’s infrastructure, driving the company’s processes and procedures to become more streamlined and efficient. With his solid business background, he has a flair for the financial side of the business ensuring that the firm is profitable and remains on a steady growth path.

Warren Verbaan



Warren has an IMM Diploma in Marketing Management. He gained UK experience serving as a marketing manager of an events company. He then joined Verbaan Construction as a purchasing/procurement manager.

Warren oversees all aspects of the procurement in terms of obtaining the services, materials and supplies that Verbaan Construction needs to operate. This involves building solid relationships with suppliers. His procurement operation provides a sleek supply chain network that allows Verbaan Construction to run efficiently.

Grant Fenton

Senior Project Manager


Meet our Senior Project Manager, Grant.

He is passionate and experienced in the industry.

Grant loves the exhilaration of extreme off-road motorbike riding, and is a key player in our team.

Dave Prinsloo

Project Manager


Dave is one of our youngest employees.
He is very happy at Verbaan Construction because he is encouraged and inspired by every project that is handed to him, where before he was only doing one type of job.
Dave’s biggest hobby is keeping fit at the gym.
Dave has been part of the team for 9 months and we are glad to have him onboard.

Peter Stephenson

Senior Quantity Surveyor


Peter has been involved in the industry for 45 years and started working in construction soon after leaving the army.
He has been with Verbaan for 3 years now and likes how the company is a family business, that feels like one.
Peter believes that the key to success is hard work and putting in the effort and staying at it.


Malcolm Weaich

Quantity Surveyor


With a growing list of academic achievements and professional affiliations,
Malcolm is highly qualified in his field. He is also a motivated young individual who strives for excellence